Why Your Child Shouldn’t Wear Floaties!

As a swim school, our instructors have countless stories of parents talking about how their children wear floaties when they go to the beach or the lake- our immediate response is DON’T!  Don’t bother buying them, don’t put them on, and don’t get your kid used to the feeling!  It gives children a false sense of security when in bodies of water, and that false confidence can lead to disastrous results.

The best thing you can do to make a child water safe is to enroll them in swim lessons with a school who puts SAFETY above all else.  Only by teaching your child to be aware of themselves in the water will they be more trustworthy around water.

So do your child a favor: throw away the floatie, quit the false sense of security, and take your child to swim!

Click the link below to watch video:

Video of Toddler Almost Drowning in Floaties


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